Kraatz Bennett Title Financing

Kraatz Bennett Title Financing

Most people at some point or another find themselves short on funds necessary to get through a tough time. When this happens to people living in Milwaukee, they might look thoroughly into the lending options available to them. Not everyone will have the same loan options to choose from. This depends on a variety of factors including creditworthiness, employment, income sources and more. For some, the option of title loans Milwaukee from a reputable lender such as Kraatz Bennett Title Financing might be the right funding option for them. Title loans are used when borrowers need money fast and for a short amount of time.

What Are Title Loans Milwaukee?

Vehicle title loans are ones that may be applied for and obtained using the title of your car, SUV, truck, motorcycle or RV as collateral for securing the loan. In order to use a car title loan, you have to give the lender the ability to put a temporary lien on the vehicle. There are reasons behind the lender doing this. If you take out a loan and don't pay it in full, the lender will be able to use the title to repossess your vehicle and sell it to cover the remaining balance on your loan. This is the last resort. Lenders are more than willing to work with borrowers who need to extend their loans if not able to pay in time. If you do satisfy your loan as contracted, the lender will remove the lien and it will be free and clear.

How To Apply For Loans

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How To Apply

Applying for title loans Milwaukee here at is simple and fast to do. The entire application process can be completed in one sitting. We understand you have a lot on your plate and a lengthy application process is not something you want to waste your time doing. Our website is user-friendly and all we require is some basic information about you and the vehicle you are using as collateral. Information we need includes your name, personal address, telephone number, vehicle type, make and model. We also ask that you give us the current mileage. Make sure you enter your contact information correctly and let us know the best time to contact you.

What Happens After I Apply?

You are able to submit your application using your computer or smartphone. Once you have finished and submitted it, you will instantly receive your free loan quote. There is no obligation to accept the quote we give you. If you choose to accept our offer, we will contact you shortly. Our friendly representatives will discuss further the terms and conditions of the loan. They will also help you get set up to receive your funds in as soon as one day.


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In a perfect world, everyone would have the funds they need for an emergency situation. Unfortunately, that is not the case for many people. When situations arise and you need to come up with money quickly, vehicle title loans can be the perfect option. There are various benefits to auto title loans for the average borrower. The one small downside is having to put your vehicle up as collateral. If you pay your loan off, however, you will not have a lien on your vehicle any longer. Below are some of the main advantages of taking out a title loan when you need money in a pinch.

Easy To Apply

We make the process of applying for a vehicle title loan an easy one. You don't even have to leave your home. You can apply from anywhere using your smartphone. Unlike the process for applying for traditional loans from credit unions and banks, there are not piles of paperwork to get a loan with us.

Fast Process

An auto title loan can get you from a couple hundred to a few thousand dollars fast. With traditional loans, you will have to spend weeks waiting for your money. With us, you can have your money direct deposited into your bank account the very next business day. Getting approved is easy. All you need is verifiable income and a vehicle with a clean title.

No Need To Give Up Vehicle

While you are repaying your auto title loan, you can still use your vehicle as you normally do. There is no need to hand it over to the lender to be approved. Also, you are able to use different types of vehicles for the application process. A truck, car, SUV, motorcycle or RV with a clean title can be used as long as it has enough value to cover the loan amount you are wanting.

Other Options For Fast Money

Other Options For Fast Money

We understand auto title loans are not the only fast cash options available to consider. You can choose to take out a payday loan or a cash advance. However, these both have to be paid back on your next payday. For many borrowers, this is not enough time. With title loans, you have 30 days to pay back your loan and can get it easily extended for a small fee.

Can I Apply Without My Title?

In order to apply for a vehicle title loan, you will need to have your title. If you have lost it, contact your local DMV. They will be able to give you the necessary steps to getting a new copy. Once you have your title, visit Kraatz Bennett Title Financing and submit your application. You will get your quote instantly.

What If I Am Unable To Pay My Loan?

In the unfortunate event you cannot fully repay your loan, contact the lender as soon as possible. Title loan lenders want to work with you to help you find a way to pay off your loan. If you need more time, your loan can be extended another month for a small fee. Lenders do not want to repossess their borrower's vehicles and that is always the last resort.